Changing it up

I’ve wanted to blog for some time now.  There’s a lot of ideas I have and a lot of arguments and ways of looking at things my mind comes up with, which I haven’t heard expressed elsewhere.  And they seem good to me at least so it feels like they’re worth sharing.  The ideas I hold, after all, would be far less developed if I didn’t read about other people’s ideas so much and develop mine on top of them.  So to some degree I guess I hope that someone can develop their ideas on top of mine.

My first attempt at starting a blog was, simply put, a failure.  I think I was approaching it wrong.  I wanted it to be something more than what I was capable of putting out.  So I’m scaling back.  I’m making them less polished and leaving my perfectionist streak aside.  Because I know I can write a lot and write fast.  But when I expect to be judged on what I write, I revise and I revise.  And then the damn thing never gets published.

That’s an advantage of making a blog anonymous.  I initially had planned on linking everyone I knew to my blog, except maybe my coworkers.  But I don’t think that’s a good idea anymore.  I know a wide range of people and I would have an overpowering anxiety to write everything in such a way that not a single one of them can take real issue with anything I say.  I don’t think that’s productive and I don’t think that’s the kind of blog I want to write.

Anyway, this is my meta first post.  Go read something else I wrote.